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Warranty Rules

  1. The warranty period of machine body of this product shall be 1 year as of the date of receipt of this product by the user. Please confirm the integrity of the package at the time of signing for acceptance of the goods. Our company shall not be responsible for the problems caused by transportation.

  2. After opening the box, please check the items according to the shipping list. If the goods are found to be damaged or incomplete, please immediately contact the local agent or call the customer service hotline (+86-0755-33100907) or contact us via email (;

  3. If a non-artificial performance failure occurs to the goods or accessories within 7 days (inclusive, calculated from the date of receipt of the goods) upon purchase of the goods, the user can contactthe customer service personnel/department for confirmation. If the problem of the product cannot be solved, the user can apply for repair or replacement of the goods or accessories, and the seller shall bear the postage; any application for repair or replacement beyond this time limit shall be considered invalid.;

  4. Consumables such as the sucker, air pump, laser suite and 3D printing wire rod shall not be covered by the warranty service;

  5. These rules shall not apply to imported products or accessories, which shall be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty service.

Note: The freight for any replacement or return that meets the above conditions shall be borne by the local agent (or by DOBOT officially in case of the mainland region), while the tariff at the destination which is required to be paid due to its policy shall be borne by the customer.


      Free Maintenance

The free maintenance service shall be provided for the customer in the event of a non-artificial performance failure of the product that is during the warranty period and in compliance with the free maintenance clause.

To provide the free maintenance service, the following conditions shall be met:

  • The product is normally used within the specified warranty period and has any non-artificial performance failure;

  • There is no failure caused by unauthorized maintenance, alteration, dismantling or installation, or other artificial reasons;

  • The valid purchase certificate, receipt and the number thereof are provided.

The free product maintenance service shall not be provided under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Damage caused by unauthorized maintenance, alteration, disassembling, opening of the shell and other acts;

  2. Damage caused by improper installation, use and operation that are not in accordance with the official instructions;

  3. Damage caused by reliability and compatibility problems arising from simultaneous use of third-party parts that are not certified by our company.

    Paid Maintenance

  1. If any product failure is caused by the user or any other force majeure, the user may replace the accessory by himself or herself. We will make offers on accessories to the user as per the charge standards of DOBOT for after-sales maintenance. If the user accepts the offers, we will send the accessory to the user directly and give guidance on replacement after the user pays the related fees;

  2. Where the product needs sending back to the local agent for maintenance in case of any failure and such failure can be troubleshot through maintenance upon judgment by the technician, the user shall be informed of the related maintenance fees in advance; if the user accepts the offers, after the user pays the related fees, the product will be sent back after maintained and tested, with the freights to be borne by the user.

The paid maintenance service shall be provided under any of the following circumstances:

  • Failures or damages that occur beyond the valid warranty period of the product;

  • Circumstances not covered by the free maintenance service (for details, see circumstances not covered by the free maintenance policy)

Special Instructions:

  • These warranty terms apply to customers in Chinese Mainland who purchase products through our official website only, while other warranties and supports are provided by the local agent;

  • If there is a problem that cannot be solved, please timely contact the official after-sales service department. We will analyze and solve your problem without delay.

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