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An introduction to Dobot Magician

It is very crisp presentation which describes the basic features of the product.

Industrial Robotics for Engineering Institutions

This presentation tells about why there is need of Robotics in the field of technical education.

Robotics in your Schools

This presentation tells about why there is need of Robotics in the Schools



Specifications-Dobot Magician

Specifications-Conveyor Belt Kit

Specifications-Linear Guide Rail Kit

Specifications-Machine Vision Kit

Softwares and User Manuals

Dobot Magician

Dobot Magician user Manual

Dobot Magician demo description

This document describes the secondary development environment building and demo codes in multiple languages( mainly for Dobot demoV2.0), frameworks, and systems, aiming to help secondary developer to understand common API of Dobot Magician and build development environment quickly.

Magician Studio v1.5.1  (windows os)

Dobot Magician software for win7/8/10, includes Dobot driver. For detailed installation and instructions please download Dobot Magician User Manual-Tutorials.

Magician Studio v1.4.0  (windows XP os)

Dobot Magician software for windows XP. Includes Dobot driver. For detailed installation and instructions please download Dobot Magician User Manual-Tutorials. ( Attention: Blockly and Leaption are not supported under windows XP OS)

Dobot Studio  (MAC OS)

Dobot Magician software for Mac OS, includes the driver. Available for mac osx10.10, mac osx10.11 and mac OS 10.12 .

Conveyor Belt  Kit 

Conveyor Belt User Manual

It will show you the installation steps and overall wiring diagram, picking & sorting demo and position adjustment.

Conveyor Belt Demo Instruction

This instruction file will show you how to install the sensor in the conveyor belt and place the robotic arms, it include the color recognizing sensor instruction and photoelectric switch instruction.

Conveyor Pick & Place Blockly

This blockly module can help you to execute the pick and place function easaily for the conveyor belt kit.

Conveyor Belt Sorting Blockly

This blocky is for Dobot magician accessory Conveyor Belt kit's sorting function, with this blockly file, you can build your own micro production line easily.

Linear Rail  Kit 

Linear Rail User Manual

Tutorials for Dobot Magician's accessory linear rail kit, it will teach you how to download the softwares and driver to run Dobot Magician Linear rail.

Linear Rail Assembly Instructions

This file include the assembly instructions, shipping list and specificatioins for Dobot Magician linear rail kit, it's the must file for installing the rail kit.

Robot Vision Kit

Please contact us...

Application/Second Development Guidelines (Magician)

Interface Description for Dobot Magician

Please refer this document to identify and use interfaces (ports) of the Dobot Magician Manipulator (v2 version only).

Communication Protocol for Dobot Magician

This document provides external communication protocol used by the Dobot Magician Manipulator.

API Guide for Dobot Magician

This is a comprehensive document which provides Application Programming Interface used by the Dobot Magician Manipulator.

ALARM Description for Dobot Magician

On-board controller of any Manipulator raises alarms whenever the operation occurs outside of pre-set parameters (i.e.capability). This document describes the alarms of Dobot Magician and provides the solutions to clear alarm.

Sample Second Development Programs (Magician)

MatLab and Dobot Magician

This MATLAB sample code includes Dobot DLL, demo with calling PTP commands, and demo descriptio with clear compilation warnings.

Labview and Dobot Magician

This is sample code for another popular scientific package i.e. Labview.

ROS and Dobot Magician

Sample program for the Magician based on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and ROS Kinetic Kame. Please modify for another versions of Linux & ROS.

PLC and Dobot Magician

Please refer this document to use a PLC with Dobot Magician. Siemens PLC is described here, however, any PLC can be used.

Miscellaneous Sample Codes for Dobot Magician

Comprehensive code bank for MFC (Visual Studio C++ 2008) | QT5.6 | C#(Visual Studio C++ 2013) | Python 3.5 | STM32 | Arduino (Mega Board) | VB .Net | Java | iOS | Android etc.

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